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Since the first conference held in 2014, the annual TruckX conference and exhibition has seen a large increase in popularity due to its relevance in the marketplace. The objective of TruckX is to host an informative and effective event for the trucking sector. In the transport world, turnaround time is everything, and as such we want to deliver just this: a day where the industry can gather, be informed of the latest trends and technologies, and engage with customers and suppliers – all under one roof and in one day. With industry research being presented, key notes, panel discussions and the latest products on display, TruckX is seen as a revolution in the industry.

TruckX 2017 Brochure

Business Traveller

If you’re in the business of travel or travel on business, make sure you’re at Africa’s Premier Business Travel Event in Johannesburg. The event includes a conference and awards breakfast.

Peoples Wheels

The results of the People’s Wheels survey. Along with the ownership survey and the Auto annual are launched at a prestigious yearly award event.