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The Automotive division is responsible for a growing number of industry projects that are designed to put information at the fingertips of both sector representatives and consumers alike.

The Auto Annual & People's Wheels Awards

The People's Wheels Awards & Auto Annual - South Africa's most sought-after hardcover review of the auto industry; the products that make it and the people who shape it.

Featuring a wealth of auto topics, including a comprehensive buyer's guide and the results of the People's Wheels Awards, the 400 page book is the definitive annual round up of the South African automotive industry.

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As the official journal of the South African Vehicle Renting and Leasing Association (SAVRALA), the monthly magazine is South Africa's foremost authority on fleet management.

Focusing specifically on the corporate and fleet vehicles purchaser, unique content such as Fleetability ratings provide an at-a-glance benchmark of all vehicles' desirability. 10 000 copies are distributed monthly to fleet managers and the top 500 dealers in the country.

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An invaluable aid to fleet buyers. As a bi-annual (May and November) supplement to FLEET, the A5 booklet provides the only easily readable direct comparison of actual vehicle operating costs.

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Future Trucking & Logistics

Future Trucking & Logistics is positioned as a highly relevant and people-focused magazine for the South African road freight and logistics industries.

The 9000 copies of Future Trucking & Logistics are posted directly to fleet buyers and decision makers within the local automotive industry by accompanying the well-known FLEET magazine.

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Isuzu Truck News

This newly launched magazine is the official magazine of Isuzu Trucks South Africa and communicates directly to the brand’s customers on a quarterly basis.

With a print run of 6 000 copies, the magazines provides valuable insight into industry and reiterating the fact that Isuzu Trucks is ‘with you for the long run’.

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Imperial Auto

With a certified ABC figure of over 40 000 copies distributed every second month through IMPERIAL dealerships and news agents, Imperial Auto is South Africa’s second largest consumer motoring magazine.

The magazine is on sale through an ever-increasing number of retail outlets, broadening its scope even further.

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Automobil is the official journal of South Africa’s Retail Motor Industry organisation and is distributed monthly to 7 500 members representing 15 associations. As a leading voice in the country’s motor industry, the RMI is affiliated with, and participates in the affairs of, other organisations that share common interest.

The magazine is a primary means of communication between the RMI and its members and is designed to inform and apprise by speaking directly to the country’s automotive business owners, management teams and employees.

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